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Survei DPR 2004
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Survei Pra-Pemilu tentang Komitmen Partai Politik
terhadap Reformasi Kelembagaan DPR 


Press Release:  For Immediate Release


NGOs and Society Groups Challenge

Parties to Commit to DPR Reform


Jakarta, March 3, 2004. Today, at a press conference in the DPR, the Forum of Citizens Concerned About the Indonesian Legislature (Forum Masyarakat Peduli Parlemen Indonesia (FORMAPPI)) announced details of the first-ever survey of all 24 political parties in the elections to gain their commitment on restructuring the Indonesias legislature.  The survey, which highlights a number of key areas of DPR improvement, is being undertaken to coincide with the upcoming elections for the DPR on April 5.        


Announcing the survey, Tommi Legowo, Coordinator of Formappi stated, The election is the right time for society groups to demand that parties state their positions on important issues such as DPR institutional reform. All citizens, especially those of us in media and interest groups have witnessed that DPR structures and procedures havent changed very much since the reform era. We can sit back and complain, or ask the parties to take a stand and move forward together. 


The pre-election survey on DPR reform addresses a number of important institutional issues including increasing the transparency and effectiveness of the attendance record, improving access to information, improving public consultation in the legislative process and promoting transparency of the DPR operating budget.   


The survey is organized by FORMAPPI, an NGO that is concerned about improving a more functional DPR, and supported by a number of NGOs and groups within society, including business groups, unions, and student organizations. Among of the supporters are ELSAM, YAPPIKA, WALHI, Pergerakan Indonesia, Transparency International Indonesia, PMII, GMNI, PMKRI, SPSI-Reformasi, Bina Swadaya, Kapal Perempuan, GANDI, LSPP, dan Koalisi Kebebasan Memperoleh Informasi (KMI). A number of key individuals supporting the survey including economist and political activist Faisal H. Basri, NGO Leader Ifdhal Kasim, and Academician Dr. Meutia Ghani Rachman.


According to Tommi Legowo, the first-ever survey on parties commitment was designed to provide opportunities for all society groups to demonstrate their support to positive changes in the DPR. All sectors of society, including journalists, NGOs, business groups, and parties themselves, can benefit from the survey. All of us need a more transparent, effective and professional DPR. The survey could be a starting point to move the issue forward, then we can make follow-up after the election, Tommi explained. We will ask the 24 contesting parties to respond the survey. Finally, voters will be able to judge who is committed and who is not committed to DPR institutional reform. All parties must be aware of this, he added.


FORMAPPI will distribute the questionnaires to all 24 parties today and over the next few days.  The parties have two weeks to respond and demonstrate their commitment to the public. FORMAPPI will publish the result of the survey at a press conference on March 17, 2004.


Formappi is hopeful that this survey will provide an example to other groups who are seeking commitments from parties, especially during election time.  ***


For information please call:

- Tommi A. Legowo (FORMAPPI) di 0816-484-5377, (021) 819-3324

  Sebastian Salang (FORMAPPI) di 0817-831-477, (021) 819-3324


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Survey Development


On February 18, Formappi held a consultation for representatives of NGO, interest groups, business groups and unions to discuss the draft survey.  This is one of the working groups that discussed the priority issues for the survey and provided input into the design of the questions.   


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